Idea #7

The Idea

I have long been intrigued by @teachertoolkit’s 5 Minute Lesson Plan and the evangelical following that it has on Twitter. A detailed account of what it is and how to use it can be found on his website here

In essence, the plan provides a template that includes every event/ idea that is required to plan an Outstanding lesson but only that, rather than the endless hoop jumping that many lesson plan templates require. I could not experiment with this at my last placement as they had very firm ideas on what they wanted staff planning to look like but in my new placement I have much more professional freedom over my planning. 

I was being ‘officially’ observed for the first time by my new HOD so I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to use the 5 Minute Lesson Plan to plan the lesson for a mixed ability Year 10 group. The lesson went really well and I am very happy with the feedback that was given to me. I discussed the lesson plan with my HOD afterwards and below are the points we discussed. 


  1. It is very clear for the teacher who is planning and takes you through the stages systematically which is a nice way to plan. 
  2. The idea of ‘stickability’ is FANTASTIC and really focused my planning on what I wanted to ‘stick’, thereby leading me to reflect on whether the activities I was planning would do this. 
  3. The ‘Big Picture’ section was useful to provide very clear context to the observer. 


  1. Once written onto it is quite confusing for the observer and my HOD found it hard to follow (this may be my terrible writing though).
  2. The sections are not always applicable in all schools so it does need adapting although I don’t know if this is a ‘con’ as such…


Would I use it again? Yes albeit in a modified format. I will take the sections and probably re-arrange them in a more ‘traditional’ format because I personally will find it easier to read and work on. I will definitely use the concept of ‘stickability’ though in my lessons as it is a really useful way to think about what you are aiming for in a lesson. I will also use @teachertoolkit’s format to create revision sheets for History as I have seen done in other schools…but that is an idea for another post.


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